Fraser Island

Fraser Island is an Australian location, exhibiting true natural beauty. It is covered by lush rainforests entwined by free flowing streams, bordered by miles of white stained beaches and remarkably colorful sand cliffs, surrounded by cool ocean waters, and usually wrapped in a blissfully tranquil atmosphere.

From north to south, east to west, there is a style of accommodation on Fraser Island for each visitor. Alternative accommodation includes leasing a houseboat or yacht and exploring the island from and sea viewpoint. With many visitors trekking over from the mainland, lots of the public and private sites expediently provide campers with toilet blocks, running water and shower facilities.

Accessing Fraser Island is straightforward, Island guests have the option of light aircraft, passenger and automobile ferries, tour groups and private boats.

Arguably the most alluring attraction of Fraser Island is its highly invigorating, natural environment. Providing a superb source of extreme adventure and exploration, guests to Fraser Island won’t be unsatisfied with the range of land and water based activities, entertainment and attractions on offer.

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